How Do I Make Racing Pay? Can I Convert My Hobby and Passion Into A  Long-TERM Investment

How Do I Evaluate Or Choose A Fast Racehorse?

  • Do you ever wonder why 80% of the top Prizemoney races is won by 20% of the client base?
  • What is the most successful strategy in choosing the most capable racehorses?
  • How can you improve your odds? How do I gain access to these processes in order to reap the benefits? 

Hi, I'm Mark. I have owned and managed racehorses for 15+ years. In this time I have learnt alot about the racing game. I created this company in order to form a team with me and  stack the odds in our favour.

Do You Know Why the Odds are Stacked Against You When You Purchase A Share In a Racehorse...

I have been a shareholder in a number of Horse Racing Syndicates and I know both the good times as well as the frustrations. Yes, I have had success and there is no greater feeling in the world! Its a feeling that can only be understood if you are an owner and shareholder of a Racehorse.  But the problem is that I want more! I want to be able to tick as many boxes as I can in order to race the extreme athlete that will go all the way.

If you've been in same situation as me, you have been told by so many Syndicators and Trainers that they have the 'Ideal' prospect or an 'Strong Early' type that just can't be missed. Yes.. I have fallen for these comments many a time and mostly they lead to frustration and money burnt from my wallet.  It took me considerable time and hard earned money to build an understanding of the Racing Business and Keys to Optimize Success.

If you are currently in the same predicament as I was ... you are not alone. The good news is that this is completely understandable and there is opportunities to change the game to your favour.

Racing is a Business and a Tight Family Group. Preferences are given to clients which provide greatest potential returns back into the system. Although surprises can occur, the majority of top end winners are linked to high profile clients, trainers and Breeding Operations. Racing is about Connections.

As In Any Business, The Key to Racing Is To Build Successful Relationships.

Some of you reading this page will be current share owners and others will be new to the game. Either way, all of this sounds logical right?

However, what data do we rely upon prior to our investment in a share?  Did you study the pedigree or the page? Are you experienced enough to make an informed choice? Did you see the Equine on the farm prior to the sale or qualified to judge conformation in the flesh? Can you distinguish the difference between a quality athlete and type which is a potential or future risk related to its development and future racing? Some of you might even say that you are good friends with a fellow Syndicator. Do you know all the processes he/she used to choose stock which is now advertised for sale. Would you be given preference to the stock with most potential?

How do i make Informed Choices to keep ahead of the pack.  How do i build Relationships and Trust?

Well for myself, I had to go back to the foundation. I am an Engineer by profession, but decided to attend a Racehorse Trainers course and work in the Industry. I built my connections from the ground up. I was able to communicate on a different level with people in the Industry, from the Handlers, Breeders, Trainers to my fellow Owners and Partners whom were shareholders in horses which I managed. Relationships and Trust are built through good Service, Transparency, Consistency in result and respect for Self and Others.  I have successfully worked through the arm of the Racing Industry to understand all processes and to develop relationships and respect within the Game.

You can most certainly follow the same course and I did,  and can achieve Success. However I have another option for you to consider if this is not the path you wish to take. Please Read On.

What Is The 80/20 Rule And How Does This Apply To Racing?

In Racing, 20% of the Process relates to 80% of the Success! Do you know what Processes is most crucial to Success in Racing? The answer may Surprise you.

Make No Mistake, Racing Is A Tough Game.

If you want a glimpse into the life of racing behind the scenes imagine this. Waking up a 2.30am in the morning and being at the track at 3.30am.  Co-ordinating activity of  60 gallopers and then returning  back to the stables. Do the Rounds at the stable to obtains updates on each galloper and their conditions. Administer correct balance of grain/oats dependent on what part of the preparation the horse is at.  Back to the Office to do some administration and preparations for upcoming races.  Have a quick Breakfast and then back onto the track again at 7am to watch the Barrier trials and to entertain some owners watching their hopeful trial.  10.30am prepare gallopers which have accepted for the days racing. Head off to the races. This is the life of a trainer. No person is excluded from the basic strapper right up to the Top Trainers such as Gai Waterhouse.

I have done the hard yards and I can tell you that it is amongst the toughest things I have done in my life. I have a great respect for the people and the processes involved in Racing a Thoroughbred in the Industry. 

It is understandable to anyone involved, the emotion that is created when a Thoroughbred which has been brought through the process - succeeds! Believe me, If you are an owner and achieved this success you should consider yourself truly privileged to experience it!  This is why this Business relates to tight Connections and Relationships. Reward comes to those whom work hard. Relationships are built upon these foundations.

Rewards come to those whom work hard - The Racing Business relates to tight Connections and Relationships. Surround yourself with the Right People!

But there is a way to be extremely successful in Business. We need to learn the skills of the Business related to present and be able to adapt to the future. We need to Surround ourselves with the Right People. We also must be open to New Opportunities. Do you think you are willing to make one or more of these steps regarding your next acquisition of a share in a racehorse?

Factors Required For Long-Term Success in a Partnership

Being involved in a Racing Partnership is no different to any other Business or relationship. The following three Core factors are essential to the long term success in a Racing Partnership.  Even in the most successful Business ventures, there is periods of negative trend. In my experience, I have never seen anything as dramatic as with Partnerships in racing. All is well when the horse is winning and the group is gaining the spoils. However, in periods of decline, often there is breakouts of confusion and desperation. Much of this could be averted with effective communication and greater understanding across the group related to current circumstances and processes/remediation being adopted. This leads me to the three important ingredients needed for a successful Partnership:

Transparency. Each shareholder must be aware of  whatever measures, cost or plan which is being undertaken.

Communication. Being informed direct from the Source. This includes the ability for a shareholder to quickly respond or escalates matters upward.

Horsemanship. Expertise required at all steps across the Process line. This does not just include Training. This also includes pre-selection and acquisition stages.

So What Is The 20% of Process Which Leads To 80% Of All Success in Racing?

  • Pre-selection / Aquisition Stage .
    A team of accredited experts working together to perform the Research and the validation (conformation) of the Yearling at the Sales (The horse being the engine and fundamental requirement to success). Aquisition then achieved based on value.
  • Education and Training.
    The Trainer must be an expert which has the ability to take your Thoroughbred all the way to the Top. He must have the patience to focus on your horse and properly educate it – no matter its temperament and behaviorism. He must have a large enough herd in work to have flexibility to match your horse with similar horses of ability during current cycle of training. He must be located on a Metropolitan track to ensure competitiveness levels are high. He also should not be commercially focused and is in the game for passion (your dollar as important as others).

I Have Created a Business Plan To Address These Crucial Factors In order to Achieve Success

Our horses are handpicked for our trainer via a multi-staged selection process and checklist which passes by a number of experts (including our trainer) before we hone in for purchase at sales. We have done our homework and can bid with confidence securing our stock when pricing is in our favour. We are not bidding on emotion or with bias created towards fashionable sires at the time. Major considerations include:

  • Discovery of Successful pedigree lines which we believe will make our horses Commercially Valuable prospects after being successful on the track.
  • Athleticism and Temperament in  horses selected which are ideally suited for racing.
  • Conformation . Elimination of any horses which are discovered to carry any conformational defects
  • Vet Examination. Any horse prior to purchase, has had an extensive veterinary inspection and these reports are available to you for inspection

We are bidding via a formula which has brought great success and provides greatest opportunity of result. This is what you will be investing into if you choose to race with us. We have done our research and we are confident in stating that we provide our customers the best possible chance of success at value prices.

What We Can Do For You Which Makes This Opportunity Unique!

We are providing the opportunity to build a membership of (maximum of forty clients) to join us in Racing our stock for success. Our aim is to race our selected stock for gain and when achieved to re-invest in further stock - increasing our portfolio. Of course there is no restriction and a client may withdraw at anytime. However, the aim is to retain a small group of investors and to build a strong relationship which will develop and strengthen over a long period of time.

We believe this is the best formula for success and gives every member the opportunity to be regarded as an Elite client with all benefits associated with this status. This is something that cannot be offered by any other venture or Syndicator unless you have an established relationship numbering many years in the Industry.

​So let me now reveal who we are and how you can get in touch with us:

Welcome to: Regal Bloodstock

Our aim at Regal Bloodstock is to provide solutions to all the problems related to racehorse ownership.  We want to ensure you receive the greatest support and pleasure racing horses with us. Our small team focus ensures that you remain important and not just another number lost in the process. Your opinion is important and as an investor you will feel closer to the game than any experience you will have with other competitors.

Don't fall for the mistakes which i first made when i purchased my first shares. Be assured that each horse being offered for Syndication has been secured via an exhaustive process of vetting. Let me introduce you to one of the Experts we have hired to aid us in our selections:

  1. Craig 'Boomer' Rounsefell: Craig previously employed by Gai Waterhouse to acquire stock, now is working with us. In addition to this, He has gained extensive experience via a scholarship with  Darley working on racing and breeding operations throughout Ireland, England, America, Japan, Australia and Dubai. He finished the course in first position. In addition, he has worked as an Assistant to American Hall of Fame Trainer, Neil Drysdale for the 2008 racing season at Hollywood Park, Santa Anita and Del Mar racetracks. You can read more about Craig at:
  2.  Henry Dwyer

    Henry Dwyer is quickly establishing himself as a rising star on the Melbourne training landscape. Henry’s passion for the Thoroughbred Industry was evident from a very young age and has only strengthened in recent years to bring him to where he stands now: the privileged position of being able to do a job he loves, every day of the week.

    Henry’s long term goal is to establish a viable and sustainable business through providing an enjoyable racing experience to like-minded individuals. Henry places great weight on the principles of honesty, integrity and transparency in all business and personal dealings and believes his strong work ethic and single-minded dedication to succeed will see him do just that.

What People Are Saying

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Great Business Sense and a Passion to help people..”

“I have known Mark for a number of years. I have a long standing interest and passion with Racing and find Mark to be one of the most knowledgeable I know in this field. In addition to this, he has a great Business sense and a passion to help people. This I have no doubt will lead him to success.

Lance Macdonald

“Made me feel an Important Part of the Process..”

“I have been involved in horses which Mark has managed in the past and can state that it is some the best experiences I have had in my life.  When i first entered into Racing, I had very little knowledge, but during the journey I have gained a much greater understanding and appreciation of the Sport. Mark has always made me feel an important part of the process racing horses. You can be sure I will be one of his 'Top 40' members.   ”

Juan Wills
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Am Very Impressed with the Service..”

I currently have shares in two racehorses. One horse named 'Last Bullet' which is syndicated through Alister McFarlane. The other is my recent acquisition - 'Nicconi x Lucky Toss' colt via Regal Bloodstock.  I am very impressed with the service thus far and really appreciate the feedback and support I get with Mark. I have been out to see the horse and very happy with my purchase. I am delighted to be a 'Top 40' member.

Treston 'Dougie' Urwin

“Find Mark's honesty, Integrity and genuine love for thoroughbred first class..”

“I have been fortunate enough to have raced two horses in Partnership with Mark for two winners - a fantastic Strike Rate indeed. Over the journey, I have come to find Mark's honesty, integrity and genuine love for the thoroughbred is first class. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark to any aspiring, or current thoroughbred owner.   ”

Tony Rogers - Perth W.A.
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Mark put in alot of effort behind the scenes”

 I really enjoyed the experience of Racing horses with Mark. Mark put in a lot of effort behind the scenes dealing with the organisation of trainers and stables etc. He was up front and prompt with any information about the horses, both positive and negative. Mark was always friendly and professional and I must say that I always felt part of the team on race day. I certainly would have no hesitation in recommending Mark’s services to anyone thinking of racing with him

John O'Byrne - Sydney NSW

Welcome to Our Bloodstock on Offer!

Medaglia d'Oro(USA) x Huka(NZ)

Medaglia D'Oro x Huka

A Cracking filly with the pedigree to match her looks.  Please visit:


Nicconi x Lucky Toss

Nicconi x Lucky Toss

Athletic, Superbly built colt which was our top pick of the Inglis Classic Sales.

Mark Burckhardt
Founder of Regal Bloodstock

About the Author

Mark's  qualifications stand with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Law. However, his real passion lies with Racing. Mark  has been involved with Racing and Managing  horses for nearly twenty years. 

Mark enjoys life and building relationships with people. He thrives on challenges and strives for success in whatever he takes part in. His ultimate goal is to win one of the 'Big' Races  in either Sydney or Melbourne.

  No Upkeep fees for First Six Months!

The cost for each share includes all expenses for the first six months. This is a unique offer which is not commonly offered by Syndicators. We have used this model to ensure that each prospect is given the opportunity to be programmed and educated as soon as possible. This provides a great advantage to the horse with the opportunity to take advantage of the 2 year old races. Many Syndicators leave the yearlings in Agistment until fully sold. This is not advantageous to the horse or the owners involved.  It is much more stressful and difficult for the horse to prepare for education after it has let down and gained weight during extended periods in the paddock. As such, there is very little chance for it to be competitive in the early part of its career.

Twelve months Insurance is included with each horse as well as registration for the Inglis Classic Series and BoBS.  We wish to ensure that our runners have every chance to maximise their return whilst racing. As such, I cannot think we can offer a better package to our customers.

Be Sure of Your Investment

 With any investment, ensure you know what you are receiving. At Regal Bloodstock, we provide you with full knowledge of our strategy and activities. We are fully transparent and proud of our product which we offer you. If you are to buy an apple - does it taste better because you buy it from a Supermarket such as Coles?  A horse is not better or guarantee you more chance of success if you buy from a more familiar Brand Name.  Each horse and service should be judged on its individual merits. Which service and solution provides you more chance for success? I leave this for you to humbly decide.

We Would Like To Hear From You

Please Click below if you would like to learn more about us or if you might just like to keep updated on future offers! We would also be keen to learn of any suggestions you might have for us too.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All Syndications provided by Regal Bloodstock are Registered and approved by the Lead Regulator - Racing Victoria (RVL). This Guarantees full Transparency with each PDS providing you a full breakdown of every dollar invested in each horse.

Included is a protection clause offering you a complete refund if you change your mind regarding purchase.

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