Regal Bloodstock selling shares in a Cracking Medaglia D’Oro filly from Premier Sales!

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When it Rains – It Pours!

Someone is truly looking down and helping us! How did I secure this filly?? To be honest, initially i didn’t even consider this filly – Lot 55 of the Inglis Premier Yearling Sale (Melbourne). She was out of my budget range! This filly as presented by ‘Three Bridges Thoroughbreds’, was considered top line progeny.being presented by them at the Sales… ala why represented at Lot 55 on first day in a Premier Sale!

Lot 135

Lot 135 - So You Think x Valour

This was one crazy sale! I had my heart set on a few ‘So you think’ fillys Lot 135, Lot 136 and a Choisir colt Lot 486. Well, unfortunately for me – the day before the sale began, ‘So You Think’s’ third progeny to race nailed a black type race in New Zealand. Great start for this Stallion and of course led to a frenzy of bidding!

​We had scoping performed on both Lot 135 and Lot 136.  I set a range between $85,000 and $110,000 for both fillys and thought either of them would have turned out to be nice prospects. Lot 135 came through fine, however  Lot 136 failed as she had a large bone cyst in the Near Hind Stifle. This was defintely a 'No go', however this did not dissuade the bidders whom snapped this horse up for a cool $160,000.  Lot 135 went for $300,000! This was truly incredible results for a new sire without virtually any progeny racing to validate against.

​After the bidding for Lot 135 and 136 had ended, I looked at Craig. He was as shocked as I was. We decided to re-group and later that evening we discussed results of the day.  Craig had mentioned that there was a fantastic filly that he particularly liked - which was passed in at $160,000. This filly was by Medaglia D'Oro and he considered this filly to be his pick of the sales. Clarry had also stated that it was his top rated filly:   We decided to approach the Breeders 'Three Bridges Thoroughbreds' the following day to make an offer. Our plan was to scope the filly in the morning and then look to make an offer buy a percentage of the filly and allow the breeder to keep the rest.

The scope came back clear and we ​approached the breeder for a price on the filly. The Breeder had a fantastic few days at the sale and had sold its stock many times what it expected. This also included a fantastic sale on Lot 136 - which they regarded a much lesser prospect than Lot 55. They were disappointed with response for Lot 55 but were very happy to clear all Stock out for the sales. They offered for us to take 75% and pay $105,000. At this point, I saw an opportunity. I told Craig to delay and we passed on initial offer.

Medaglia d'Oro(USA) x Huka(NZ)

Later in the day we placed an offer for $110,000 and 100%. This was refused but later we received a call and negotiated $115,000 for the sale. This was an incredible result and through the chaos of the sales - I ended up securing a filly that I did not think i would have come close to purchasing!

This filly is absolutely outstanding! Please refer to the following link to gain full details related to this filly:



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