Manny Gelagotis

Manny Gelagotis, younger brother of Peter runs the stable's business side to ensure his brother is able to dedicate all of his time to training and they are both supported by a dedicated team led by Gary Hollier , staff and family members. Manny attends most Yearling Sales in Australasia and has a good team of professionals that support him in his selection processes to ensure that the potential purchases tick all the boxes in terms of pedigree ,soundness and confirmation.

Both Peter and Manny revel in the thrill of sporting competition and showed considerable natural talent both in Soccer and AFL. Manny eventually became one of the region's soccer stars playing in the National Soccer League which lasted up till 2001. It is both their determination and will to succeed inherited through their father's strong work ethics - which places Peter and Manny on a different level to most others and is instrumental to their success at the highest level