Mark Burckhardt

Director - Regal Bloodstock.

Mark Burckhardt's deepest passion is for Racing!

Ever since he was a young child, Mark has had an affinity for horses and racing.

Wanting to be closer to the game, Mark has owned and managed a number of horses   through various syndicates in a period of almost twenty years.

Some of Mark's best horses include Party Crasher, Stowaway, Sky Blitz, Brandt and Simply Breathless.

There is no way to describe the feeling of winning a race especially the first one! It does not matter whether the race is in the Country, Provincial or City. It is only through ownership, that one can relate to the emotions that are emitted at this moment in time. Although being an Engineer by profession, Mark has always wanted to get closer to Racing and its processes. He achieved this by attending a Racehorse Trainer's Course. This also included working for Ron Quinton at his Sydney Stables.

Since then, Mark has decided to use his knowledge gained in the Industry to create a Company focused on Promoting and Syndication. Regal Bloodstock has been formed to bring people closer to Racing. Mark's horses are selected via detailed vetting and processes which Mark has proven most effective via many years of experience in the game.

Regal Bloodstock's mission is to provide long term profits and enjoyment to it's clients in return for long term business and relationships. Regal Bloodstock's goal is providing the solution and model which Mark was striving for when he first started in the Game. It is formed, building a foundation to improve on all aspects he believed was missing when being involved in previous syndications.