Success and Racing

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What make's an individual successful? What do they do which is different to the everyday person? Are they many times smarter? Do they work many times harder? Or are they just many times more fortunate?

The truth is that none of these factors are integral to success. I have met many successful people and what I have found is this. In whatever routine they have discovered which leads to results, they become fanatical about it. They then follow this routine religiously, refine and improve it. They then stick to this strategy and implement it over and over again.

By all means do a little reasearch yourself. Observe some of the key strategies of some successful people you know or take a public figure and read their biography. You will observe the same pattern.

The same things are repeated. They have a vision or goal. They carefully plot exactly what it would cost (money or time) to live out this vision or goal. They then formulate a plan on how to rise towards it and continue to refine and improve until they arrive there.

So what does this mean with regards to horse racing?

Well... I am just a normal guy from a middle class family. Went to school, completed a degree and went to work. I was a city boy, but loved horses. Went to the track and became a member of the AJC / STC and followed racing religiously. I then wanted to go further. Bought into some horses with some big hopes and dreams. I joined a number of Syndicates. I raced with Classic Bloodstock, Star Thoroughbreds to name a few and in truth i did have some success and experiences. This drove my passion far greater. I decided to get into the Industry. I wanted to learn everything thing about Thoroughbreds and Racing. In invested all my spare change and time on my education to learn further. I attended a Racehorse Trainers Course. I learnt to become a trackwork rider. I studied under Joan Pracey and did my work experience with Ron Quinton.

Let me tell you that working in the Race Industry was very hard work. Did i eventually become an expert horse handler or rider. Absolutely not. But what I can tell you is that I have great observational ability and a mathematical mind. I do have great Project Management skills and Business sense. Through some very hard years I learnt what it takes to be successful in racing. It is no different to any other business. I now understand exactly what process and skills are required to obtain a quality thoroughbred and I can tell you that Pedigree is only one of many many factors. I know what is required to provide a horse with the best opportunity to be successful.

I will break many of these factors down in future blogs. But for now what I will tell you is that if i truly wanted to reach my goal and dream, I had to make major changes. I had to build my own network of close friends from the Industry with the assurance that what i acquired would hold quality and have a program plotted for them from the beginning. How can you truly be successful if you do not have a plan or goal in mind? When you have purchased a share in any of your gallopers, how did you make your choice? Did you have a goal in mind? Did the horse you choose represent this goal?

This led to the creation of Regal Bloodstock. These horses acquired are a representation of everything I have planned for. They have been programmed and are showing all promise I have anticipated. This can be referenced on the videos which were taken only a few weeks ago. As i am writing this, they have begun pre-training with Henry Dwyer. They are light years ahead of the standard Syndicated galloper which is most likely still standing at an Agistment farm until it is completely sold and registered.

What we can offer with Regal Bloodstock is the following. Each and every customer that races with Regal, will be racing a quality horse which will be given every chance to be successful. Not one of these horses will be sold without myself also being invested as a shareholder. This is your guarantee that each of these horses are genuine prospects. These two horses represent my company's future and as such you can be assured that no steps have been overlooked for them being successful. They are being trained by a Gp1 trainer whom has formed an alliance with me and that i am his sole Syndicator. Our trainer currently holds the greatest winning strike rate in Victoria. You as a customer will receive a service second to none in the Industry. You will be the first group and the inner circle of members to this Syndication Business. This places you in a unique position. You are not customer 1001.

We will win a Group 1. I would like you to be with us at Regal Bloodstock when this happens. Next month we will open our doors to the Public. On July 10th, Regal Bloodstock will be holding an at Henry's stables located in  Caulfield. Feel free to make your own observations and gain a further understanding of what we represent and what we will provide to you. We are very proud and confident of what we represent and look forward to the opportunity to share with you for your inspection.

I hope to see you on July 10th.



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